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  • 5280 Advanced Health

    I would highly recommend 5280 for any stem cell procedure!

    I had a stem cell procedure done on August 24, 2017. Dr. Sisson and Jaime did a great job during the entire process. From pre procedure information, pre op prep, during the procedure and post op, they kept me informed as to what was going on and what to expect. Jaime took the time to match my schedule with theirs and find a clinic location which would work best. I would highly recommend 5280 for any stem cell procedure.

    Boulder, CO

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  • 5280 Advanced Health

    The care and treatment I received was some of the best I have ever experienced

    I am past 60 years old and still play recreational sports such as rugby and ultimate frisbee as well as trail running. I was being treated for a year for what was diagnosed as tendonitis. My HMO later determined that this diagnosis was incorrect and my condition was actually severe arthritis for which I was given the options of pain management, knee replacement and ankle fusion. Basically the life I have lived was going to be over and I was going to live a very sedentary life. I immediately got on the phone to several stem cell injection providers in Denver as well as other states and countries and began asking questions relevant to my particular situation. I questioned how long they had been in business as well as their treatment methods, prognosis for success, cost, and how soon I could be treated. I also listened to their presentation to decide if they were just selling me something or truly concerned with my well-being. When speaking with the care coordinator for the first time she stated, “we aren’t the cheapest or the most expensive. We do feel we give the best care.” I felt this was the most honest answer I received from any provider and with that I scheduled a consult with the physician to see if I would be comfortable with them working on me. I still continued gathering information from other providers. I had my consult with the doctor two days later. He spent over an hour answering my questions and telling me what I could realistically expect, what my activity level should be and more importantly, when I could run again. I booked my appointment later that day to have 2 sites treated. The day of the procedure I was greeted by the care coordinator I originally spoke with so I wasn’t just handed off to other people. I was taken to a sterile procedure room. The doctor confirmed what we were going to do, reexamined the joints in question to double check his previous findings. Then he administered the local anesthesia with a minimum of discomfort to me. I heard him talking to his team and he was, at all times, courteous and professional. He showed the same respectful and calm voice when speaking to me during the procedure and answered any questions I had. The team members showed me the marrow they removed from me both before and after they centrifuged it so I was sure of what I was getting put back into my body. Although they had another procedure to perform they did not rush me and allowed me the time to feel steady. At all times I felt they had the best medical practice and my best interests in mind. Following the procedure, the doctor himself called me to make sure that I was ok and there were no complications. In addition, I applied for reimbursement from my Flex account who demands a specific kind of receipt. Again the care coordinator promptly responded so I could process the payment. To close, I believe the care and treatment I received in all phases was some of the best I have ever experienced. Thus, I volunteered to write a letter of appreciation for the care that I received.
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  • 5280 Advanced Health

    I would absolutely seek treatment from this team again.

    I am a former multi-sport athlete who has had numerous surgeries on my left knee including an ACL repair and arthroscopic procedures to remove torn cartilage from the knee. After my last knee scope, my orthopedic surgeon told me that the next injury would likely require a total knee replacement. Nevertheless, I wanted to stay active and enjoy hiking, skiing, and coaching sports. But, the injuries had taken their toll and the pain after exercising was taking longer and longer to subside. After speaking with my physical therapist, Dr. Allison Nicklin (Revolution Rehabilitation), she recommended I consider seeing a doctor at 5280 Stem Cell, part of the Colorado Clinic, about getting a stem cell procedure. My initial examination went well and the physician, Dr. Michael Shell, was very thorough explaining the procedures they would perform to help regrow the lost cartilage, reduce the pain, and hopefully delay or eliminate the need for a total knee replacement. Dr. Shell ordered imaging, lab work, and collaborated with Dr. Nicklin to develop a post-treatment protocol. Dr. Shell gave me his cell number and insisted that I call him directly with any questions or concerns. Additionally, I met the frequent “voice on the phone,” Ms. Jamie Ryman, who also gave me her contact information for any administrative issues which might arise. I used both those numbers multiple times over the next several weeks. Unfortunately, a complication was encountered, when a benign cartilage tumor was discovered just above the knee. Dr. Shell was concerned that the tumor might respond to injection of stem cells and begin to expand in size which could have split the femur. Dr. Shell did extensive literature research and consulted with experts in the field before determining that the risk of exposure of the tumor to new stem cells was significantly remote and felt the benefit of the procedure outweighed the risk. Moreover, Dr. Shell believed that post-procedure monitoring would mitigate the extent of any growth of the tumor and the procedure was rescheduled. The procedure itself was definitely less painful and shorter in length than I expected. After a brief recovery at the clinic I left the clinic under my own power. Within the first week, I could tell that the procedure was working. I had been taking anti-inflammatory medication for years which I had to stop two weeks before the surgery and could not take again for a significant period after the procedure. To my surprise, I never felt the need to take any medication to treat the pain, because the pain was negligible. About a month after the injections, I was evaluated at the clinic on the initial effectiveness of the procedure. The ligaments in the knee were significantly stronger and tighter and my kneecap was no longer loose and no longer rocked in its groove. When asked, I stated that 75% of my symptoms had already been resolved. I was told to expect the recovery to continue for potentially up to a year. I have since returned to coaching, wearing an uploader brace while walking around at practice. I continue to get physical therapy to strengthen and stabilize the knee. Other than occasional stiffness, my knee feels great and my overall experience has been great. I would absolutely seek treatment from this team again.

    Boulder, CO

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  • 5280 Advanced Health

    Having met a lot of doctors over my time too, none have been as professional and accommodating as Dr. Shell!

    Having played collegiate and professional football, as an offensive lineman, both my knees took quite a beating. My right knee in particular. For the past 6 years, I believed only a full knee replacement was my only option in improving the condition of my Right Knee. It wasn't until I was informed by Dr. Shell that Stem Cell therapy and PRP were two other optional procedures that could help reduce my pain and improve the condition of the knee. Since having had A2M with PRP, my Right Knee has improved I would say 50-60% with there being less pain and tightness in the joint. I can bend and use it daily with a noticeable improvement in its functionality and overall better feeling. Dr. Shell was great as well as he explained all the necessary information of the procedure as well as answering any questions I had. He was also great during the procedure making sure I was comfortable and prepared everything. Since undergoing the procedure I have recommended Dr. Shell to several close friends who I played collegiately and professionally alongside and will most certainly be returning to Dr. Shell for any future procedures. Having met a lot of doctors over my time too, none have been as professional and accommodating as Dr. Shell was for me and this is why I would recommend him. Thank you, Dr. Shell and staff!!
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